Slow Broadband or an intermittent connection are many reasons why you might need a local Openreach trained Telephone and Broadband Engineer. You may not even initially know your broadband speed is slow until your home becomes more and more reliant on the service and then you start to notice the problems. Your ISP (internet service provider) should give you your speed estimations and for standard ADSL these will be up to 19mbps (megabits per second). On an FTTC service (fibre to the cabinet) you would expect speeds anywhere up to 76mbps. 

All speeds are dependent on the distance from your home or business to the local Openreach equipment either in the street or local exchange. But one thing for sure is that there are tools available which give you your speed estimation if your ISP doesn't. Or you can simply call or email us at fixmyline and we will give you your speed estimations. All we need is your telephone number and your postcode.  


So what speed 'Should' you be getting? Simply call us on 01322 761 051 or leave us a message via the contact form. We usually respond within the hour.