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Broadband Engineer and Telephone Engineer with BT Openreach trained engineers available in Kent, Essex and East Sussex . If you have poor Wi-Fi coverage, intermittent Wi-Fi or intermittent Broadband we can help. We can be available either on the same day or next day, evenings and weekends. Whatever suits you. We carry out socket relocations, install additional sockets, or even remove sockets. The main culprit for slow broadband are too many sockets which cause slow broadband or intermittent broadband. If you are based in Kent, Essex, East Sussex call us now or use the contact form for a no obligation review and quotation. We can offer a consultative approach to your telecoms needs be it residential or business. All engineers are covered by public liability insurance and as we were all trained by BT Openreach you can rest assured our workmanship is as good, I would go as far to say it is better. 

If you have an office or room in your residential or business property that has poor Wi-Fi we can fit and install access points which increase your Wi-Fi coverage by using and fitting powerline adaptors, Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi Mesh extenders or by running CAT5 or CAT6 ethernet cable direct from your router.

Collectively we have 60 years worth of Telecoms experience so if you call us today we WILL be able to help you.