Office Relocation

Moving office can seem like a daunting task. The fun part is looking for the right place but once you have found it what next?

When do you need to move in by, who is going to box up the PC's and furniture, who is going to move the equipment, is there internet at the new location, what services can we expect, how long will this all take?

Sit back, and relax... We know what to do and how to do it. Lets Talk.

We can move your entire office, we can survey your existing infrastructure and replicate that very same environment in your new office or offer you a better solution dependent on product availability. We can help design your office layout, we can co-ordinate the carpenter to the carpet fitter so whatever your office relocation needs we can do it for you.

We recently moved a local telecoms company from a 1350 sq ft office to a 3500 sq ft office in one weekend. It took a few weeks to coordinate but on the Friday we packed up, and on Monday Morning 40 staff walked in to a brand new office, logged in to their PC's and it was business as usual.

If this sounds like a walk in the park, that's exactly what we can offer you. Rest assured that we can project manage your whole office move from conception to delivery.

See our short video which gives you a high level review of what we can do for you.