My Broadband Breakthrough

So the headline says it all – simple changes can increase your broadband speed.

I have worked in many homes over the years and the same scenario rears its head time after time. Slow, intermittent broadband caused by internal wiring or additional telephone sockets. If you have more than 1 telephone socket in your home, even if you are not using it can HALVE your broadband speed*

As technical as broadband may seem – the direction of your broadband signal from your service provider isn’t as clever as you might think. In layman’s terms, the signal enters your home, and travels down any cable or connection it comes into contact with. If you have just 1 telephone socket all the speed goes direct to that socket, through into your router. If you have other sockets in the home the broadband signal travels down those cables and sockets too and by the time it gets to your router you have lost half your potential speed.

Poorly-installed home phone wiring or poor quality phone extension leads (often that are flat rather than round cable) are the most common causes of slow broadband speeds. This is because they are more prone to electrical interference, which causes your speed to drastically reduce or sometimes drop out completely.

Other causes of slow/intermittent broadband is from wifi interference or poorly positioned routers. Fixmyline can offer full diagnostic analysis of your current set up and with over 20 years experience you will be in more than capable hands. With prices that are 50% cheaper than your current service provider - why wouldn’t you call?

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*based on connections to the Openreach Network.