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Socket Relocation

Additional Extension Sockets

Noisy Line

WiFi Troubleshooting

Upgrading Cabling
Simple Alterations to your Wiring
Removal of Unused Cable
Reconnecting or Rewiring Existing Cable
Modernising Equipment
Slow Speed Troubleshooting
WiFi Extenders Fitted
VoIP Troubleshooting 
Consultative Approach
Up to 50% Cheaper than BT 
20 Years Telecommunications Experience 
Ex BT Openreach

At Fixmyline we have Telephone Engineers available in every Town of Kent. Isle of Sheppey no exception. If you are experiencing Slow Wi-Fi we can easily track and locate the exact location of the fault and either fix it or offer recommendations for a solution. If it is relating to Wi-Fi Dead Spots we can relocate your router giving you home even coverage. If you are lucky enough to have a larger than average property and your wifi still doesn't reach we can supply, deliver and install the very latest Mesh Wi-Fi Systems on the market at amazing costs. Click Here! to Check out our blogs for some further information. 

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