Fixmyline 4G Broadband

Why Choose 4G Broadband?

Is your Broadband Slow? 

Using Cellular LTE connectivity Fixmyline will demonstrate for free the lightening fast speeds you can get using our high gain antenna. 

We will visit your home or business to detail your expected speeds and offer advice on the locaiton of the external antenna and any associated Wireless conenction problems you could be facing. 

Do you live in a Rural Countryside location?

Not every home has the luxury of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services so with 4G broadband utilising a high gain antenna you can receive speeds that suit today's wants and needs. Even if your mobile phone has little or no signal we will find it! We even have a new super high gain antenna that will latch on to the weakest signal to get you up and running within 5 working days!

Do you have an out of date service

Satellite broadband services are a thing of the past. With 4G Broadband your upstream speeds (sending files or emails) will be far superior to those of alternative methods and even faster than some fibre services. 

Ditch the Landline

Most people don't even know their own landline telephone number let alone use it. With most mobile telephones these days coming with unlimited minutes there really isn't the need. Why pay for something you don't use... Ditch the landline and opt for a robust, superfast and flexible broadband package that will keep you ahead of the curve!

Fully set up & ready to roll within 7 working days

Our 4G Superfast Kit is dual band with a minimum uplink speed of 50mbps supporting a maximum download throughput speed of 300mbps



Enquire Today!

Fixmyline have no control over the strength or availability of the 4G mobile signal as this is provided by your mobile provider. User Peak Times, Network Updates or Cell Tower failures can have a significant impact on upload speeds, download speeds and latency, so please bear this in mind.